AgWiki is where farmers, and all those who produce food worldwide, can connect, build relationships, and share information to grow more food with less impact on the planet.

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Thought Leaders


Kim is a nationally recognized speaker and founder of AgInspirations.com. Kim’s mission is to inspire farmers to tell their stories and connect people to where their food comes from.

James Stanslaus Msasa

James is the Managing Director of Bonde La Baraka, training 1500 farmers in food preservation, modern farming, technological innovation, and business development.

Dr. Curtis Livesay

Dr. Livesay is a Certified Crop Adviser who works with diverse growers and crops in over 20 states, and three countries. He is also the owner of Dynamite Ag which offers plant nutrition crop consulting.

Nancy Kavazanjian

Nancy is a Wisconsin crop farmer who helps manage a 2000 acre family grain farm and elevator with an emphasis on preserving soil and managing resources in a sustainable manner. She is also a Volunteer Farmer Director at United Soybean Board.

Community Leaders

Amanda Sears

Amanda Sears

Amanda’s passion is helping clients increase productivity and profitability in their herd. Each ranch requires specialized protocols. Amanda helps ranchers find the right one.

Matthew Kroger

Matthew is the Principle Owner of Ash Tree Apiary. Managing hives, Swarm Captures, Colony Removals, Honey Sales and Marketing, Pollination of Colorado Front Range orchards.

Andrew Chorister

Andy is the Agriculture Technology Coordinator for Southeast Missouri State University. Andy provides educational resources for farmers adding technology to their farms.

“As I diversify my farm, I have found having access to researchers and nutritionists from around the globe to be a valuable resource.”

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AgWiki is a community of farmers, researchers, nutritionists, and consultants seeking to discover solutions to sustainability and world hunger…socially.

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AgWiki connects agriculturalists from all over the world. In short, our mission is “To Solve World Food Problems Socially.”

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