Soil Health and What AgWiki Can do to Help.

Long ago, my father told me that soil erosion is the Almighty’s way of trying to level the earth. If you pause and consider the statement, it is pretty accurate. If the soil is left bare, with little or no organic matter to protect it, erosion will occur from water or wind. In many cases, the better the topsoil, the layer of soil that provides nutrients for vegetation, the more vulnerable it is to erosion. We’ve all seen incredible photos of dust storms across the Midwest and Great Plains back in the 1930s and 40s. Primarily soil erosion was caused by the moldboard plow as the land was transformed from native prairie to tillable crop ground. Since that time, agriculturalists have sought to limit the loss of valuable topsoil, and conservation practices have become more effective decade after decade.

Maintaining soil health is a complex formula, whether dealing with a potted plant, a backyard garden, or a 100-acre field. Transitioning to intensive conservation practices has not always been easy for food producers. Extremes in weather, soil condition and slope, and the types of crops planted all impact how effectively we can conserve the soil. Practical conservation methods are utilized and increased on millions of acres globally each year. Still, university research and distribution does not guarantee crop producers or even agronomists will come across this type of information. Peer-to-peer exchange is what can move the adoption of new ideas along. Early adopters adopt, and transition multiplies from there. In this video, I discuss how we address conservation on our farm in Kansas. https://youtube.KrotzFarm

AgWiki exists to bring together all those that grow and raise food or research crop and animal production. We want them to have access to each other to share methods and ideas within an environment designed for breaking down logistic or demographic barriers. Food producers have a crucial role in feeding a growing population without stripping our soil of its resources. The AgWiki Education Platform includes university professors and farmers’ presentations discussing the introduction and utilization of new methods and new technology. Sharing production practices is why one of our core applications on AgWiki is designed to move information regarding sustainable production and environmental issues worldwide, from farmer to farmer, more quickly. See our educational tools at https://education.agwiki.com/

Randy P. Krotz
CEO – AgWiki, Inc.

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