Why Science-based Research is Crucial to Moving Food Production Forward

Science-based research is crucial to moving food production forward while staying in touch with the stress of feeding 7 billion people can place on our environment. Farmers and ranchers, regardless of size, benefit significantly by having a network of peers and professional experts available to listen and provide information when questions arise about producing food sustainably. For the 570 million farmers growing food around the globe, situations often occur that create challenges for even the most experienced food producers. Perhaps a crop or livestock disease, a weather-related problem, and the list could go on and on. Even this morning, a neighboring farmer texted me that stripe rust was beginning to show up in wheat across Kansas, and sure enough, we have a little showing up in our fields. The treatment options are vast and can be expensive and possibly out-of-reach for even a Midwest farmer in the U.S.

Networks that support specific types of food production may not be readily available to most food producers. AgWiki has been designed to fill that gap. Our goal is to bring farmers together virtually around hard-to-manage issues, including climate change, disease resistance, carbon farming, soil conservation, and so many others. Already today, some Groups exist on AgWiki that focus on various food production topics and include participants from all over the world. I personally am eager to learn more about wheat diseases and discuss how scientists in other parts of the world share the latest research with farmers.

— Randy P. Krotz – CEO AgWiki, Inc.

Pictured Above: A farmer meeting in Tanzania East Africa concerning good agricultural practices on Vegetable and Fluid processing. The discussion is led by crop consultant and AgWiki THOUGHT LEADER, Messa James. 

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