Groups: Create, Add, Delete

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Groups icon on dashboard. Groups interface

  1. Create a Group
  2. My Groups
  3. Search for Groups

Create a Group

Add Topics to a Group

  1. Click the “+” sign to add topics to your group
  2. Start typing in the tray
  3. Click Topics that match your search. They will highlight green
  4. Click off the tray and it will disappear

How to Create a Group

  1. Name your Group (be descriptive)
  2. Add a Description
  3. Decide whether or not to make the Group private (Members Only). This will mean only people you invite will be able to see the Group. It will be invisible to everyone else
  4. Decide on what Approval level you want
  5. Click “Save Group”

New Group Interface

  1. This will permanently delete your group
  2. Shows you how many Join Requests are waiting for you. Only for “Approval Required” Groups
  3. Shows Members list
  4. Allows you to invite users directly
  5. Allows you to edit Topics, Name, Description, Access, and Approval Level of your Group
  6. Shows you the Topic(s) attached to the Group
  7. Shows Group Admin (or Group Creator)
  8. Add your first Post!

My Groups

This is where you see the groups you're already in.

Search for Group

Start typing and the list will filter. Click the Join button.

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