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dashboard topics

By selecting topics you are doing 2 things:

  1. You’re allowing other users to see what your interests are on AgWiki. Soon we will add a matching feature that will suggest other users with overlapping topics. We will also suggest groups to join based on your topics.
  2. Your feed will be automatically populated with articles that fall under those topics.

How to edit your topics

my topics

  1. My Topics Tab – displays all the topics you have chosen to follow.
  2. Add Topics Tab – allows you to search for topics to add to your list.
  3. Minus Icon – deletes that topic from your follow list.

add topics

  1. Search Bar – start typing the first few letters of a topic. The list will display any topics that match that word. If you can’t find a topic, you may suggest one here.
  2. Plus Icon – Tapping this will add that topics to your follow list.

Search Results

search bar

Topic list will get smaller the more letters you type.

empty search

A search for “Anchovies” yielded no results before the 5th letter was typed.

If you can’t find a topic, you may suggest one here.

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