Leadership Team

These are the people that built the foundation of our community and keep it the well-oiled machine it is. AgWiki would not exist without their vision, passion and dedication. Need help? The Leadership Team is available to offer any support you might need. Email us at [email protected] any time. Have a suggestion on how we can improve membership or the AgWiki community? We want to hear that too!

John LaRose, Sr.
John LaRose, Jr.
President/ VCOB
Randy Krotz
Robert B. Dellenbach
Chief Legal Counsel
Tim Detmer
Caitlin Schlichting
Director of Marketing
Brian Schlichting
Director Product Development
Mike McCue
Communications Director
Russell Laird
Director of Relationship Development
Alyse (Levine) Holstein
Director of Business Development
Randy McWilson
Randy McWilson
Director of Multimedia
Dan Querry
Application Developer
Application Developer
Server Administrator
Nicolle Richardet
Customer Service

Thought Leaders

Kim Bremmer
Msasa James

Community Leaders

These are the voices shaping our community and making it a great resource for agriculture content. They are farmers, researchers and industry professionals who enrich AgWiki with their unique expertise. Together, we’re helping AgWiki members produce more, feeding the world better than ever before. That’s our mission – and our passion.

Andrew Chronister
Matthew Kroger
Amanda Sears